Ginger Appreciation

Hi Ginger Friend!  I created this sacred space to celebrate us!  Depending on when you were born, being a redhead child could have been a wonderful experience or it could have been similar to mine.  I endured endless teasing throughout my childhood because of my hideous redhair and freckle face.  No pity parties for me though as I love it now. However, that teasing never leaves you.  So, even though I now embrace and celebrate being a magical redhead, a part of me still remembers how it felt to wake up everyday wishing I was transformed into a thin tiny blond girl with long straight hair a’la Marsha Brady.

For all of you lucky to be born in a time when redheads have always been celebrated, I am so happy and envious of you!  So no matter how you felt as a child, now you are a grown woman and get to enjoy all the wonderfulness of being a Natural Redhead!

Here is a place to celebrate our uniqueness!

Redhead Facts 

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