Once upon a time, I wrote a blog called A Crazy Redhead. I was a different person back then.

A Crazy Redhead
Renee 1.0

Therefore, going forward I will refer to that Renee in the third person. Renee 1.0 was the same person deep down but she definitely looked at the world from a different perspective. Things she would have been shocked by in 2008 when the blog was written do not phase me today. That said, I do feel what she had to say was interesting, insightful and even funny at times.

When reading the posts written by Renee 1.0, please remember she was a woman trying to be happy with her life. She was in an unhappy marriage and trying to find her way in a community which never really felt like home.

She would look around and convince herself she was happy because how could she not be happy.

She had a kind husband who supported her adventures. She had three healthy kids and was financially stable. Like me, she always wanted to give back (or pay it forward) because she knew her good fortune. Even with all this, she knew she was a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. I am fond of that woman but I am happy she has evolved and has a different life at this time.

Here are her stories:

You need to wear a thong! March 2008

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