When I prepared for my move from Florida to New York, I had to drastically reduce the amount of worldly possessions I accumulated over 40 plus years.   I was happily moving from a single family home in Florida with plenty of storage space into a New York apartment.

After a couple of very fun and very exhausting garage sales, I was able to fit everything I owned into 9 x 9 x 10 feet of space inside a moving truck.  It is amazing how freeing it is to let go of material items which you once thought were so important.  I felt free and light and cleansed.

Purging so much unnecessary stuff changed the way I shop.  I have to really love something before I am willing to bring it home.  Purchases are not just about the monetary cost but also the storage cost.  Being a careful shopper means having items you really love.  So, of course, like everything in life, I am passionate about what I do buy for myself.  From finding the perfect banana for my after workout snack to making sure the clothes I buy are comfortable enough to walk miles in, I give much though to anything I spend money on at this point.

I love being able to share my favorite items with you and hope you will also let me know what you love.

Here is the first edition of  Simple items I love, October 2017



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