An exciting new feature has arrived!

Today is an exciting day as we are launching a fantastic new section on!  

One of the main goals of this site is to connect women together to empower each other. We help each other in many different ways.  It can be little ways like sharing a great new product or in big ways by offering support to someone who needs it.


We are so lucky to have a fabulous woman joining our community to help us navigate some of life’s bumps in the road.  Molly is a fellow member of our community who is here to answer some of our questions.  While Molly happens to also be a therapist, she is here in the capacity of a friend.  She has graciously agreed to be a sounding board for us and offer input on situations in which we need an objective opinion. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to our contact form you can use to submit your questions anonymously.

Think of Molly as the wise friend you call when you need someone to give you an honest but gentle answer.   Molly brings with her wisdom that can only be acquired through real life experience.  To read more about Molly and her experiences, passions and life journey, click here to take you to her bio page.  


Molly is excited to offer support, humor, a shoulder to lean on and even holiday decorating advice if that is what you need.  If you could see pictures of her holiday table, you would want her to do yours as well.  She is multi-talented!


“ Although counseling is my profession, I am in this group as a fellow journeyer in life and will answer more from my life experiences than my counseling books.” Molly

Feel free to ask anything you would like.  If Molly cannot answer your question comfortably, we will reach out to others and do our best to get a great answer for you.



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