Natchie is Australian singer/songwriter Nadia Ackerman and the artistic force behind DUMBO’s Natchie Art at 141 A Front Street on the corner of Pearl Street.  I am very lucky to have one of her shadow boxes in my home.  It was a gift from my sister and has such a great story behind it.  My sister was following Natchie on Instagram while Natchie was creating this piece.  Natchie posted the almost finished piece and said she had not decided what to name the character in the piece.

She had the following decided:
“_______ leaves her baggage behind.”

The next day, it was decided.  Natchie decided to name this piece

“Renee leaves her baggage behind.”

At the time my sister saw this post, I was getting ready to restart my life with a relocation to NYC.  It was kismet.  This was meant for me.  While I don’t view my move from Florida as leaving anything negative behind because I have so many wonderful friends still there, I do look at this move as a time to leave behind personal baggage that has been weighing me down for many years.

Natchie has some wonderful uplifting happy pieces on her site and at her studio.  Definitely check her out.

Natchie’s Instagram

Natchie retail store
141 A Front Street (the corner of front street and pearl street)

Dumbo, New York

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