Valentine’s Day Orders

Valentine's Day is just over a week away! Order these amazing brownies which can be shipped anywhere in the USA!  These can also be hand-delivered to most areas in Manhattan by one of our magical culinary specialists. The 2018 Valentine's package is festively decorated and shipped in the form of 2 large slabs of decadent chocolate deliciousness!... Continue Reading →

Do moms have job skills?

Anyone else out there in the same situation?   You went to college, got a degree, worked for a bit and then gave up the opportunity for a professional career before it even started.  You turned it all in for diapers, playdates, scanning the Target circular for the best price this week on Tide and... Continue Reading →


Suzann explains, "In a time when social media and camera phones were non-existent and the selfie wasn’t invented yet; I knew I wanted those memories to last a lifetime and I wanted to have them with me forever. The camera became my sidekick and I rarely left home without it. I fused my passion for travel, photography and digital art to emerge as a game changer on the art scene. I transform my travel photographs into unique, limited edition, digital paintings which are printed on HD Metal with stunning vibrant colors."

Dear Molly: Coping with relationship loss

Molly's recommendation on coping with the loss of a romantic relationship.  She advises, "honor your feelings, sit with them, painful as they may be, and step by step move ahead and open yourself to the possibility of much better relationships to come."

Getting to know Molly

Have a question for Molly?  Need advice? CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO ASK MOLLY Molly is joining our site and excited to offer support, humor, or even just a shoulder to lean on.  She has graciously shared her journey and her thoughts here as an opportunity to get to know her better.   The following... Continue Reading →

A Different kind of #MeToo

I have been watching all the #MeToo posts over the last few days and searching my brain for an example in my own life.  The posts are popping up everywhere.  Facebook feed of best friend:  #MeToo Facebook feed of Oscar winning actress: #MeToo Instagram:  #MeToo I know I could not possibly be one of the... Continue Reading →

Life is NOT a zero sum game

Happiness is not limited.  Happiness is not a lifeboat on the Titanic in which there are only a finite amount of seats.  Happiness, bliss and joy are the ocean itself.  It is never ending.  We can all jump in and enjoy it.  When you are swimming and playing next to me, it doesn’t take anything... Continue Reading →

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